As some locals may now, a wonderful graphics & apparel company which had been in business for a little over 30 years, Performance Graphics in Dudley, MA, decided to sell their company and retire. Over the summer, I worked on trying my best to attain and purchase their entire business. Unfortunately, I was unable to do so. I was determined to grow my business though, and once I found out that they were willing to separate their business and sell parts of it separately, I jumped at the opportunity.

I have worked with Craig and Nancy for some years now, through my husband’s business, as they were the company that he went to for all of his company apparel and vehicle graphics. I knew how solid their company was and how great of a customer base they had. This only made me want to take the opportunity even more!

So, with that said... Gina Marie Design is now the owner of the apparel decoration business section that was once Performance Graphic’s. (Screen print only, not the embroidery, as that was sold to another business) I have all the customer’s files and am looking forward to serving all of the Performance Graphic’s current customer base, along with taking on any new business of screen printing apparel - which includes; T-shirts, sweat shirts and hats.

At this time, it is only me, myself & I to produce the work - so I do ask for some patience in this transition time. I will be setting everything up & organizing it all, within the next couple weeks in my Oxford office. I predict that I will be able to hit the ground running around the end of November/beginning of December, but will announce if it is sooner than that.

I will still be doing the work that I am currently doing - so invitations, business designs, handmade gift items... this will just be an addition of services offered by Gina Marie Design.

I truly look forward to this expansion in my business. I look forward to continuing to serve the highest quality products that were produced by Performance, and I appreciate the love, support and continued patronage from my current clients, family and friends!

Please, feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions, want to set up an order, or anything at all!

Gina McCullough
Gina Marie Design


Gina Marie Design is a small Graphic Design company located in Oxford, MA. You can see my sign when you visit the S. Oxford Post Office, as I am right across from it. I am able to meet with clients by appointment, please contact me to set up your appointment! I specialize in print, wedding & business design as well as custom stationery & handmade gifts. Also, see my shop on Etsy.

About Me: Gina McCullough, Owner
     I love what I do. I have loved graphic design since I could use paint on my computer. I created magazine layouts as a kid for all of my friends (in the program Paint!) and from there it hasn't stopped. I graduated from a technical high school where I studied Graphic Arts & Printing Communications. I couldn't get enough of it so I graduated from the New England Institute of Art with my BA of Science in Graphic Design. From there I interned at the American Cancer Society where they offered me my first time "gig" managing my first ad campaign.

I then landed a position as a lead designer at an insurance outsourcing company, Blue Cod Technologies, Inc.. When my time there was complete, I enjoyed a position on a team of designers at a publishing company, Legacy Publishing Group. While enjoying my positions at these wonderful companies, I was also designing during the weekends for my own company, Gina Marie Graphic Design (now shortened to Gina Marie Design). I started getting busier than I expected and decided to design full time through my own company, in June 2014. 

Since then, it's been amazing! I can't thank each and every one of my clients enough. I am blessed to be able to do what I love each and every day. I love sharing my talents with my amazing clients.